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Jan 7 2016 Breaking the myths of scholarly credit

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Dec 11  –Processing APCs: a necessary pain
Nov 4 – Linda O’Brien writes on Open government, open data and innovation
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August 21 – AOASG becomes the Australasian Open Access Support Group
August 11 – What to believe in the new world of open access publishing
August 5 – How researchers can protect themselves from publishing and conference scams
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22 May 2015 –  New policies will lead to “walled gardens” in scholarly publishing
21 May 2015 –  Global coalition of organisations denounce Elsevier’s new “sharing” policy
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Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 10.31.55 pm UK Open access: review of implementation of the RCUK policy

Roxannne Missingham, University Librarian at the ANU and Virginia Barbour, Executive Officer, AOASG comment on the independent review published of the first 16 months of the RCUK’s OA policy.

March 23rd Newsletter available from the newsletter archive.
Announcement – AOASG Executive Officer Appointment.

I am pleased to announce that Dr Virginia Barbour has been appointed as the Executive Officer of the Australian Open Access Support Group and will commence in the new role from 2 February, 2015.

Christmas releases: Universities Australia and Department of Education reports

Shortly before Christmas two significant reports were released. They provide important insights for policy directions in Australian research, including access to research outputs.

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December 11th Newsletter  available from the newsletter archive.
AOASG Inaugural Forum an Open Access Success

2014 saw AOASG launch a new forum which brought together researchers from a range of disciplines to discuss the benefits and challenges of sharing their work through making it open access and communicating it through social media. More…

November 25th Newslette available from the newsletter archive.
Open Access Scholarly Publishing

By Paula Callen QUT

A basic introduction to open access publishing, including the “dark side” – predatory publishers. Also available as a downloadable word document: Open Access_Briefing_Paper

November 13th Newsletter Now available from the newsletter archive.
October 31st Newsletter Now available from the newsletter archive.
October 15th Newsletter Now available from the newsletter archive.
Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) 2015 and Open Access: A good news story

By guest blogger Dr Joanna Richardson, Library Strategy Advisor , Information Services, Griffith University

A look at the implications of including open Access reporting in the new round of ERA.

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Open Access Week Webinars – Registration is Now Open

Registrations are now open for the free AOASG webinars that will run during OAWK 2014.

Full details can be found on our webinar page:

AOASG Open Access Forum – The Researcher’s Perspective

The Australian Open Access Support Group is pleased to announce its inaugural ‘must attend’ face to face Forum, to be held on the morning of Wednesday 5 November at ACU’s North Sydney Campus.

The forum will consist of two morning sessions, one a facilitated discussion featuring researchers from a range of disciplines discussing the benefits and challenges of sharing their work through making it open access and communicating it through social media. The other session will focus on national and international trends in open access as well as advocacy issues, looking at successful approaches. Read

Open access update June 2014

An update of events and developments in open access to the end of June 2014. It includes: Cost of scholarly publishing under scrutiny, Publisher news,Monograph developments, Altmetrics articles, Other published research, News, Events – past, Events – upcoming, Resources. Read

Open access update May 2014

An update of events and developments in open access to late May 2014 including open access news, new open access policies, reports 7 research, alternative ways to assess journals and events. (29 May 2014). Read

Open access update April 2014

This blog is a short update of events and developments in open access to late April 2014. It includes international and Australian open access news, reports & research in open access, publisher news and AOASG news. (22 April 2014). Read

An effective market for APCs?

An analysis and discussion of the report Developing an effective market for article processing charges, putting in into context against the 2013 APC funding numbers released by Wellcome Trust. (11 April 2014) Read

Open access update March 2014

This blog includes updates on OA developments from December to mid-March, both in Australia and overseas and includes new policies, events and feedback. (19 March 2014). Read

AOASG in 2013: That was the year that was

2013 marked the first year of activity for the AOASG. This blog summarises the activities and achievements of the group throughout the year. (20 December 2013). Read

Reflections on the Open Access & Research Conference 2013

The Open Access and Research Conference 2013, held at QUT between 31 October – 1 November 2013 focused on the theme of Discovery, Impact and Innovation. This blog summarises some of the key messages that emerged from the discussions. (9 December 2013). Read

Open Access Publishing – feature article

Earlier in 2013, the then Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education invited the AOASG to contribute a feature article to the Australian Innovation System Report 2013  which was published in early November.The text of the article is reproduced here with the kind permission of the Department of Industry (21 November 2013). Read

Open Access Champion 2013 – Alex Holcombe

The Open Access Champion 2013 – Individual Category – has been awarded to Associate Professor Alex O. Holcombe, a psychologist based in the School of Psychology at the University of Sydney. This blog discusses his interest in open access and how he is spreading the open access message (22 October 2013). Read

Open Access Champion 2013 – Open Journal Project

The Open Access Champion 2013 – Organisation Category – has been awarded to the not-for-profit international development organisation Engineers Without Borders Institute’s Open Journal Project. This blog explores what has happened in the three months since the AOASG featured a story about the project in July (22 October 2013). Read

ARC & NHMRC OAWk panel discussion

This is a summary of the panel discussion with Professor Aidan Byrne, CEO of the Australian Research Council (ARC), and Professor Warwick Anderson, CEO of the National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC)  about their open access policies. The Q&A session was moderated by ANU Vice Chancellor, Professor Ian Young (21 October 2013). Read

Case study: Implementing DSpace at Ballarat Health Services

This blog by Gemma Siemensma, Library Manager at Ballarat Health Services describes the thinking and processes behind the introduction of their DSpace repository (17 October 2013). Read

BIS Report part one – findings & implications

Findings and implications from the UK Business, Innovation & Skills Committee report stemming from an investigation into open access that had nearly 100 submissions (19 September 2013). Read

BIS Report part two – information & observations

This blog cherry picks some interesting facts and figures contained in the report including the finding that the UK has twice as much of their research available open access than the rest of the world (19 September 2013). Read

An OA publisher’s perspective on CC-BY

John Emerson, Director of the University of Adelaide Press discusses issues with a mandatory CC-BY license on open access books (3 September 2013). Read

Assessing research impact: AOASG submission

Some background on and the AOASG submission to the Department of Innovation Discussion Paper ‘Assessing the wider benefits arising from university-based research’ (26 August 2013). Read

Four issues restricting widespread green OA in Australia

A discussion of the main issues holding back increasing the usage of Australian repositories (15 August 2013). Read

Accessibility is more than making the article OA

Discussions about achieving open access often stop at making the published research available. But what about when the issues of accessibility are considered? (02 July 2013). Read

Lost & found: challenges accessing government research

Why are all the non-university sources of publicly funded research  not included in the brave new world of open access? (20 June 2013). Read

Shall we sing in CHORUS or just SHARE?

Analysis of the two responses – from publishers and librarians – to the Obama administration  OA policy (18 June 2013). Read

Altmetrics and open access – a measure of public interest

Summary of what altmetrics are with links to many services (23 May 2013). Read

Walking in quicksand – keeping up with copyright agreements

Analysis of changing publisher licensing agreements and the challenges this poses for people wishing to make work open access (23 May 2013). Read

Notes from the National Scholarly Communication Forum – May 3, 2013
Complete notes of this forum focused on open access in Australia – including forum themes, reading lists, analysis and summary of the presentations (16 May 2013). Read
So you want people to read your thesis?

Discusses the options and challenges for publication of research from theses, offering open access as a positive option, and discusses common concerns about making work available (10 April 2013). Read

Journal editors take note – you have the power

A discussion of the JLA editorial board resignation over failed negotiations with Taylor & Francis (25 March 2013). Read

Centrally supported open access initiatives in Australia

Discusses the many programs from the government and library organisations that have supported open access in Australia for over a decade (19 March 2013). Read

Recent US developments in open access

Explains the US administration’s open access policy requirement and how it relates to or differs from the Australian mandates (27 February 2013). Read