OA in Western Australia

State government policies

Open Data policy (2015): http://data.wa.gov.au/open-data-policy

“Agencies are encouraged to adopt a position of data openness, with the prerogative in favour of data release, unless there is a clear need to restrict or preclude access for reasons of privacy, confidentiality, security or other relevant considerations”

“Data will be easily discoverable by being accessible through the Government of Western Australia’s online data portal (data.wa.gov.au). The portal will provide a single and convenient point of access to open data in Western Australia.”

Open Data service: 796 data sets (2231 files) from 56 organizations (October 2016)

Data Science Workbench, with tools such as RStudio, Open Refine, Taverna and QGIS

Open Data WA Team, based in Landgate


University based OA policies, repositories and activities

UWA Open Access Toolkit: http://www.library.uwa.edu.au/research/open-access-toolkit

UWA Research Data Management Toolkit:  http://www.library.uwa.edu.au/research/research-data-management-toolkit

Curtin Open Access guide:   http://libguides.library.curtin.edu.au/open-access



OA research that is important to WA – publications, data sets and anything else relevant

Maritime archaeological sites (WA Museum): http://catalogue.beta.data.wa.gov.au/dataset/maritime-archaeological-sites

Shipwrecks (WA Museum): http://catalogue.beta.data.wa.gov.au/dataset/shipwrecks

Aboriginal Heritage Places (Department of Aboriginal Affairs):

Heritage Council WA – State Register (State Heritage Office):

Australian Politics and Elections Database (UWA):

Digital Mineral Library (Curtin):

Ningaloo Reef Research: http://www.ningaloo.org.au/www/en/NingalooResearchProgram.html

Young Minds Matter: http://www.youngmindsmatter.org.au/