Webinar Series 2017

Webinar #1    Not the ‘Beall’ and end-all: the death of the blacklist*

03 April 2017

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In this inaugural AOASG webinar, Macquarie University’s Dr Andy Pleffer & Susan Shrubb addressed the issues surrounding predatory behaviour in scholarly publishing.

In their presentation: Not the Beall and end-all: the death of the blacklist* they discussed key issues, including the place in the publishing landscape andy&susan_webinar1of the now defunct Beall’s list which had long been one man’s attempt to document the increasingly troublesome predatory publishing phenomenon.   They provided a road map for new career (and experienced) researchers to ensure they learn how to spot and avoid predatory journals – and more importantly to be strategic in their decision making around publishing. They discussed how important it is to understand that there is no single indication of quality for an informed decision and they presented a model for making good decisions early.

Andy Pleffer is the Manager, Research Assessment and Metrics, Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research) and Susan Shrubb is the Acting Team Leader, Information Literacy Support & Development.  They lead the Strategic Publishing initiative at Macquarie University

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*Thanks to Emma Lawler for inspiration behind the title.